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Inglenook Farm
the gruffalo at inglenook farm
Inglenook Farm


Inglenook was originally built around 1874. In its more recent history, it was tenanted by the Green Family until 2007 who grew cereals and bred pigs reared outside in traditional Pig Arks in what is now the Lavender field! Quite a dramatic change.

Prior to 2007 it was run as one of the largest Pig farms in the area & is now home to a number of small businesses that surround the courtyard and the various other farm buildings.

UK Essential Oils Ltd. source frankincense and myrrh resin from Somalia in East Africa and ship it all the way over to the essential oil distillery on Inglenook Farm where the essential oil is extracted.

Lavender oil is extracted using steam from the small field of lavender at the front of the Farm. This can be seen by visitors from through June and July. We have lots of visitors flocking to see and photograph the field before the flowers are harvested.

Essential oil production is only one of the fascinating businesses that operate from the farm.

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The farm is home to our resident Chickens, whom you may see pottering around, on the hunt for attention! We also have a lovely little duck pond which you are free to feed the ducks with your little ones. 

Our farm is also home to a beloved children's book character and his friends - The Gruffalo! Wood carvings of the characters from Julia Donaldson Books, he certainly brings some magic with him! 


Inglenook Farm Map
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